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Student Progress Report

Student Progress Report

You need to inform your parents how their child is progressing, but you do not want to use a traditional report card format. Here is a Montessori  Progress Report form that will suit your needs. All areas of learning are laid out and all you need to do is write in a brief comment where appropriate. Enjoy the confidence of your parents by communicating effectively with them concerning the progress and development of their child.


3 Report Card Templates

Example Report Card 5 

Example Report Card 7

Example Report Card 8

These are not Montessori Report Cards, but they are a good example of a basic report card on which you might base your own. Writing a report card is dependent on what you believe would be the most useful information for your parents or the next school to which your student will go.

A report card is usually a summary of work completed that year or that semester. Some Montessori schools simply offer a 5 sentence paragraph summary of activity with general comments. Some Montessori do not have any report card whatsoever. Some  Montessori schools offer a checklist of several pages covering every activity that is presented in the class.

In the end, the decision to offer or not offer a report card will be based on to whom the information best serves.