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Lesson Plan Template

Sometimes the hardest thing is to write your lesson plan for the owner or principal of the school where you work or just for your own records. Here is a user-friendly Montessori Lesson Plan template for all teachers. It’s simple: just fill it in.

*A Lesson Plan

Lesson plans are especially useful, if you are adding new material to your shelf and you want to let your assistant or teacher’s aide, know how to approach that material.



  akshara wrote @

want to know about lesson plan

  montessoritr1 wrote @

Sorry for the tardiness in this reply.

Basically this is the tradtional Montessori Lesson Plan. It follows the idea that you should know what 3 activities preceeded the lesson you are to give and what 3 activites are to follow. All lesson plans moreorless presume understanding of the 3 period lesson.


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